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27 Nov 2017

With endings come new beginnings...

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind” - CS Lewis

“Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.” ~Doug Ivester

TL;DR: It breaks our heart to communicate that we are closing down operations on December 20th, 2017. We deeply thank you for all your support during the last 7 years. We will honor and refund all unused class packs that have not lapsed. Last day for refunds is on the 20th of December 2017.  We would like to end this part of the journey in a high note, fill our last month with lots of yoga and find a new home for the Init yoga community going forward.

1. The Past - Moments to remember

November 22nd 2010 - Permission Granted

7 years ago, on November 22nd, 2010, our Planning Application to open a yoga studio in Ringsend Road got approved. We still remember (like it was yesterday) the feeling of extreme excitement when we got the great news. We had been working for 2 years on our dream to open a yoga studio and this finally made it real. We can probably write a book on the adventures that led a Filipina and a Spaniard to open a hot yoga studio in sunny Ireland and invest their lifetime savings in it. They called it Init (hot in Filipino) and painted its logo with the colors of the Spanish flag.  Takeaway: Life helps to those who persist. Where there is a will, there is a way.



February 28th, 2011 - The First Class


After 3 months of crazy fit-out works, overcoming plenty of problems and facing unexpected costs & delays, we finally opened to the public on Monday Feb 28th 2011. It was a 6pm class, heaters didn’t work until 1 hour before the class and the studio was still full of workers & dust. 13 students joined that class, the hot room was too cold and we were too nervous but that was the humble start of our community. Since then, over 10,000 students have done yoga with us and we have become one of the best yoga studios in Ireland. Takeaway: Big things start in humble and small ways.



February 28, 2014 - The New Yoga Style


Our core values include open minds & hearts and foster personal growth for ourselves and our students. We saw those values in action when we fell in love with Power Yoga and decided to bring it to our studio as a great complement to our Traditional Hot Yoga. On the night of our 3rd anniversary we offered the first power yoga class at Init and introduced this yoga style to Ireland. Initial launch was difficult: (a) we didn’t have enough teachers trained for this style, (b) some of our students were reluctant to try it at first and, (c) hardest of all, people we considered friends turned their backs on us for offering other yoga styles. Despite difficulties, we persisted and the results have been really amazing: (a) We launched a Teacher Training and developed really awesome home-grown teachers who have become a great source of inspiration (Amy, Grainne and team, you rock!) (b) Power Yoga has become the most popular style in the studio (even Power Yoga founder came to Init all the way from California)  and (c) those people who criticized us for opening ourselves to other yoga styles are now doing the same thing in their studios (imitation is the ultimate form of compliment :-). Takeaway: Be true to your values, do the right thing and avoid dogma



2. The Present - Why we are closing

“Never give up. Always let go.” - Anonymous

These last 7 years have been an incredible rollercoaster ride. There were very high notes (like the ones described above) and also low notes ( financial worries, sleepless nights, accidents and even a fire in the studio). Without a doubt, the net balance is extremely positive. We are lucky be financially independent of the studio, which allowed us to offer the best yoga experience in Ireland without cutting corners and survive as a business during the crisis. We always knew our location was high street and probably too expensive to rent for a yoga studio. The real-estate crisis, a friendly landlord and your patronage helped us stay open for business for the last 7 years and develop an amazing yoga community.


However, in recent times, the boom days are back in Dublin, commercial rent rates are skyrocketing and we have a new landlord who is everything but friendly. We have been fighting hard for survival for the last few months with the help of experts, lawyers and surveyors. Our past has taught us to be resilient and fight for what we we believe to be right. However, during the last few months, we have come to the realization of 2 key facts: (a) Init Yoga is not financially viable in its current premises and the current economy and (b) we are a small venture and don’t have the resources or expertise to successfully fight a big business conglomerate.


With all that, we are saddened to share with you that we will be closing operations and vacating our current premises on December 20th 2017. Our last day of regularly scheduled classes will be on December 17th 2017. I imagine this comes as a big shock for you and some of you might feel very sad and even angry with this decision. I beg for your understanding. I have devoted 7 years of my life entirely to the studio. Init Yoga (and its community) is a really deep part of me so closing it breaks my heart. Keep in mind that we have tried our hardest to stay open, we have thought the hardest about all potential scenarios to ensure continuity and we have suffered the hardest with this decision.  



3. The Future- Next few weeks and beyond


Our primary responsibility for the remainder of our time is YOU - the community, teachers and staff. If you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss any matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at Please be assured that I am prepared to manage all you refunds and questions with the same level of care, professionalism and integrity that you have known from me.


We want as well to share our 3 commitments:


Refunds: We will honor all our commitments and refund all unused (partially or fully) class packs.  Please note that this may take a few days to process and your patience is greatly appreciated.


December: We want these last few weeks to be not of sorrow for the incoming closure but of joy and celebration of our community and the last 7 years.


Going forward: Beyond that, we are working with our teachers to find a way to continue the Init Yoga community and find a new more affordable home for the studio. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please come and talk to me.  If you want to sign up for our future newsletter, you can do so by emailing me at




Class packs: We want to honor all our commitments. We will prorate all membership and passes, and refund unused classes back to you that have not yet expired.


Standing Order:  if you have set up a standing order, please cancel this with your bank


Timeline: We will start offering refunds for unused class packs on December 4th up until December 20th


Means of payment:  We will do the refund using same method of payment used made on the initial purchase



December - Our final month


December Pricelist: For the next few weeks before we close:


Existing Class Passes can be shared with any of your friends or family

Single class lunch/60 mins - €15


Single class 90 mins - €20


2 weeks unlimited €60


1 week unlimited - €40


Intro Week (new Students) €25



What can you as a community do moving forward:

Come to class and celebrate this amazing community: Practice with us on our last few weeks.  


Come and join us in our Christmas party:  the last one in this space and connect with your fellow members and teachers, share your stories and your journey.  To the students we’ve missed for months or years, come back and experience the magic at Init Yoga and celebrate with us on the 3rd of December 6pm.  


Support us: We are offering reduced rates and we would love to see you on the mat again before we close.  


Best yoga until the end: While we all process this together, we are committed to giving you the best yoga experience in the best space in Dublin.  Full schedule of classes will continue with the best teachers and the same friendly faces.


Init Yoga in 2018: We would love to find a solution on how we can move forward as a community. As we need to close abruptly we want to get ideas from all of you on how we can make this happen.


Its been a great privilege getting to know all of you. Its been an amazing 7 years of sharing yoga and friendships with you all.  Your loyalty and support over the years has been inspiring and life changing. It is an honor to serve, learn and practice beside you. We will deeply miss this community.  While this is one of our biggest heartbreaks, We also know that every story has an end but in life, every ending is just a new beginning.  We are asking you to spend the last few weeks of Init yoga with us as a celebration of laughter, sweat, yoga and the the best community there is. Experience yoga in one of the best studios in Ireland!  As always we are committed to providing a space for you to practice and to taking care of you during the rest of our time together.


With deep gratitude,

Jeanne & Guillermo