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100 hrs. Yin Yoga Teacher Training

9th - 16th August

"There is a yin and yang to everything in the universe. They are like two sides to the same coin, one cannot exist without the other and they compliment each other"


Join International Yin teacher Mel McLaughlin for 100 hours of comprehensive training in the style of Yin Yoga.  


Join us for this unique opportunity to explore your "yin-side" over an 8-day Urban Retreat.  This course is open to those who aer already 200-horu qualified yoga teachers and for those who want to deepen their knowledge and practice of Yin Yoga. while cultivating teaching skills for teachers that will allow them to facilitate this practice for their students.  Yin Yoga is growing in popularity, largely in response to what has become a very "yang"-dominated yoga culture.  People are discovering the benefits of a quieter, more still practice - not just in their physical bodies, but also in their nervous and energetic systems.  

Early Bird:  €1,200 (pay in full by 1st of July)

Regular:  €1,350 (pay in full by 1st August)


This experiential learning course focuses on the 12 structural muscles that protect the spine and hold the skeleton in place. As structural muscles, they are fundamental to the integrity of the overall body and have a close relationship to the nervous system and functional movement. Yet, these key muscles are widely underused in our modern day living and under worked in most of our physical activity. By gaining a full understanding of functional anatomy you will be better placed to support your students and clients and work with them to remedy issues.


In this workshop you will: Gain an understanding of the function of these key muscles, how they interact, and how pain and injury can result when they're not functioning properly


Discover how to identify and test the strength and function of these muscles both in yourself and with partners


Experience using these muscles in poses – learn how to activate them and improve their strength and flexibility.

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Functional Yoga Anatomy with Jambo Truong

May 30 - 31    930am - 6pm

€230 - early bird (by 1st of April

€260 - afterwards

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